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Professional Development

NAATSIHWP hosts regular Professional Development Forums yearly and delivers biennial National Professional Development Symposiums and Conferences. We provide access to our National Mentoring Program, to a number of certified training and education material through our Portal including NAATSIHWP CPD Endorsed training and education, resources and much more to support our members.

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Engagement and Leadership

NAATSIHWP’s review of its Cultural Safety Framework ensures it assists in providing a culturally safe environment for our members. NAATSIHWP also represents our members interest on over 25 steering committees and working groups on a variety of topics, campaigns and health initiatives, etc. To grow leadership within the workforce, we have also just launched our inaugural NAATSIHWP Leadership Masterclass Program.

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Workforce Development

NAATSIHWP is working hard to establish a strong professional identity for the workforce. We play a major role in developing the National A&TSI Workforce Strategic Framework and Implementation Plan 2021-2031 to elevate the professions on a national level. As part of this, we have a major project underway looking at how greater national consistency for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Health Practitioners can be introduced. We also develop resources such as the Exemplar Model of Care for health assessments to ensure models of care incorporate our professions.

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NAATSIHWP Consulting

NAATSIHWP’s consultancy is very much in its infancy stage however we have undertaken projects consistent with our specialised area of expertise that improve and incorporate the role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker and Health Practitioner professions.

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NAATSIHWP Group Education & Training

NAATSIHWP future projects includes providing learning and educational opportunities and activities both accredited and non- accredited to our members. NAATSIHWP also launched a Leadership Masterclass as an investment to building the Workforce pipeline and support career progression

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We’re committed to ensuring Australia’s health care system meets the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.

NAATSIHWP holds responsibility for professionalising, promoting and expanding the Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Worker and Health Practitioner workforce.

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